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DATAPLEX is a well established company in the field of Computers, Information Systems and particularly Enterprise Communications, with a leading activity in the Greek market for 27 consecutive years (since 1982). We are one of the few companies that can provide all the 'design, build, and operate' elements of a business solution. Our business approach is based on establishing long-term partnerships that encourage success through mutual benefit.

We have a set of core values and behaviors that determine our culture

Customer Dedication
      We listen. We devote energy to understanding clients' needs and challenges and commit to solving them.
Matching our customers expectations

We commit to establishing and sustaining operational excellence and striving for continuous improvement.

We take your needs personally
We attend to your needs and our strong commitment to investing the extra effort to fulfill your connectivity or security needs.
Commitment to Execute
We do what we say. We deliver results on time, on budget and to agreed quality standards.