The Blue Coat ProxySG™ family of proxy appliances provides total visibility and control of Web communications with wire-speed performance. Based on Blue Coat SGOS™, a custom, object-based operating system with integrated caching, these proxy appliances leverage existing authentication systems to enable flexible policy enforcement down to the individual user. ProxySG combines comprehensive proxy support of all Web protocols with integrated content filtering, instant messaging control, peer-to-peer (P2P) control, pop-up ad blocking and virus scanning. Blue Coat's end-to-end product portfolio includes powerful reporting, policy and configuration management software – delivering a scalable proxy solution for centralized or distributed enterprise environments.
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Proxy SG
Optimize application performance and Web security
Proxy SG Accelerator
Blue Coat ProxySG Acceleration Edition. Significantly reduce bandwidth with industry-leading compression, byte caching and object caching technologies
Reporting and Management Tools