Aethra’s Mission has been identified as the design, development and production of products of excellence and professional services for telecommunications and video communications: excellence is the key to what Aethra is and does both now and in the future.

Our Vision is to become a global player in the video communications market and in highly specialized sectors of the telecommunications market by:
  • providing products and solutions of excellence, for technology and design
  • promoting and developing innovative and new generation services
  • offering new integrated solutions.
  • technology, with ever-continuing innovation and undisputed quality
  • Italian design, with an internationally recognizable style
  • Partner and client relations based on maximum transparency, communication and responsibility
  • The people who work towards the company’s evolution day by day, who contribute to its successes and grow with it professionally.
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IAD Appliances
SV1042 - SV2042 is a family of Integrated Access Devices (IADs) designed to provide small and medium businesses with integrated broadband data and ...