Security Virtualization
Security Virtualization


The VSX security operations platform is a virtualized security gateway that enables the creation of hundreds of security systems on a single hardware platform, delivering deep cost savings and infrastructure consolidation. Based on the proven security of VPN-1® Power, VSX provides best in class firewall, VPN, URL filtering and intrusion prevention technology to multiple networks, securely connecting them to each other and shared resources such as the Internet and DMZs. All security systems, virtual and real, are centrally managed through Check Point SmartCenter or Multi-Domain Security Management consoles. Powerful turnkey VSX-1 appliances further reduce deployment cost while delivering carrier-class reliability and scalability.

VSX enables any organization to optimize space and costs by operating a virtual network of hundreds of routers, switches, and VPN-1 gateways. For MSPs, VSX becomes the ideal platform for new subscription revenue opportunities by delivering new security services easily and efficiently. These include value-add virtualized content filtering, VPN, network segmentation and firewall services, instantly provisioned using VSX's Virtual Systems Wizard at the lowest possible cost.


  • Unique and comprehensive virtualized security solution with firewall, VPN, IPS, and URL filtering
  • Consolidate hundreds of security gateways to a single device, increasing device hardware utilization and reducing power, space, and cooling
  • Linear scaling of performance up to 27 Gbps
  • Flexible deployment options including software and a full line of turnkey appliances
  • Single proven security management architecture

Flexible Deployment Options

  • Appliance - A full range of powerful and highly scalable VSX-1 appliances are available to align with any network security requirements
  • SoftwareVPN-Power VSX software can be installed on a wide variety of open server platforms certified by Check Point to run SecurePlatform™