Security Device Management
Security Device Management

Security Device (Firewalls/IPS/IDS) management focuses on implementing configuration policies in the best interest of the customer in order for the devices to function flawlessly and provide maximum protection and surveillance.

That's why DATAPLEX SLA offers unlimited changes to devices when they are initiated by DATAPLEX. This includes new signatures and updates from the vendor and configuration changes.In detail we provide:

Change Implementation We implement any change on the managed equipment following customer request based on vendor best implementation advice


Consulting Services


We offer consulting service having always in mind customer best interest for maximum return value of each product


Device Update


We apply any hotfix or firmware update based on vendor best practice with the minimun impact on services. This requires for the customer to have a valid software subscription with the vendor

Monitoring and Reporting

We are monitoring the system for any issue suggesting any kind of improvements. Automated reporting system generate security reports for the admins


Remote Access Support


Help desk suppport with remote access for direct response time for any technical issue