Security Management Portal
Security Management Portal
Dataplex offers expert support assistance and security service programs to meet the needs of modern small business customers. With no technical personel on site small business companies enjoy enterprise class support services.

All-in-one managed services solution
SMP integrates a wide array of built-in managed services into a single turnkey solution.

* Network and firewall management
* Dynamic VPN management
* Gateway firmware updates
* Antivirus and anti-spam
* URL filtering (not yet available)
* Gateway antivirus signature updates
* Logging, monitoring, and reporting
* Notifications and custom alerts
* Dynamic DNS
* Vulnerability scanning

These services deliver a flexible and comprehensive value-added managed security service offering to small businesses. SMP allows complete remote management of all network security aspects and significantly reduces the need for onsite configuration and troubleshooting. In addition, Safe@Office gateways can be preconfigured before being shipped to the customer, thereby minimizing deployment time and costs.

Security Management Portal (SMP) introduces a central management and service provisioning platform that answers your needs as a Managed Security Service Provider (MSSP) targeting SMBs and vertical markets. It features an intuitive, Web-based user interface and uses robust and resilient architecture to support the management of up to tens of thousands of Check Point Safe@Office gateways. SMP can easily be integrated with existing billing, CRM and other back-office systems to support existing business processes and provides a host of capabilities specifically tailored to increase your revenue with minimal administrative and support costs.

* Logging, reporting, monitoring and alerts

* Automatic firmware updates

* Antivirus and anti-spam

* Dynamic vpn community management

* Integrated dynamic DNS